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Asbestos refers to different minerals that were used in building materials but are now banned. When asbestos-containing materials are moved or disturbed, this can release fibres that are damaging to health if inhaled. Asbestos was used in building materials for strengthening, insulation and fire-resistant purposes.

We also do complete and partial building and house demolition, roofing, wall sheeting, fences, vinyls, and floor tiles, soil remediation, air and material sampling and testing, and much more.

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Risks of harmful substances in building materials.

Harmful substances refer to substances present in or absorbed by building materials that are dangerous to health or the environment.

Harmful substances must always be taken into account during repair and demolition work and when sorting construction waste. The most typical harmful substances in building materials are asbestos, PAH compounds, PCB compounds and harmful metal compounds (e.g. lead). Typical harmful substances absorbed into the materials are petroleum hydrocarbons and PAH compounds.

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